car colors of north shore
car colors auckland new zealand

PPG - Global Refinish System
Festool - Cleantex Extractor
Festool - Shinex
Colorpak - Professional Series
PPG - Vibrance Collection
PPG - Envirobase High Performance
Colorpak - Custom Filled Aerosols
Colorpak - Colour Steel Series
Colorpak - Aerosol Spraygun
Colorpak - Filling Machine
3M- Health and Safety
3M- Roloc
Mirka - Abralon
3M- Scotchbrite
Decrastrip Pin Striping
Health and Safety Products
Panel Clips
Sealers and Urethanes
Masking Papers and Plastics
PPG - OneChoice Universal Ancillary Brand
Festool - Rotex
Festool - ETS 150
Mirka - Autonet
Rust Treatments
Mothers Products
Mirka - Goldflex Soft
SEM - Urethane Bumper Stripper
Speciality Top Coats - Mirotone
SEM - Copperweld Weld-thru Primer
Speciality Top Coats - VHT
Mirka - Mirlon
Evercoat - Metal Glaze
Evercoat - Ever-glaze
Evercoat - Featherfill G2
Car Colors Cleaning, Detailing and Wash Products
SEM - Color Coat
SEM - Rubberized Undercoating
SEM - Trim Black
Mirka - Polarshine
Devilbliss - GTI Pro
Devilbliss - PRI Pro
Devilbliss - SRI Pro
Devilbliss - Advance HD (High Demand)
Evercoat - Rage Gold
Evercoat - Z Grip
3M - Sanding Sponges
3M- Masking Products
3M- Perfect-It Paint Finishing System
3M- PPS Sun Gun
Car Colors Body Filler
Car Colors Etch Primer
Car Colors Lacquers
Car Colors Resin
U-Pol Fantastic
U-Pol Flyweight
U-Pol Flyweight Gold
U-Pol Isopon P38
U-Pol Fibral
3M- Paint Preparation System
3M- K+H Surface Technologies
3M- Powerline Adhesives and Sealants
U-Pol Galv X
U-Pol Upol D
U-Pol Plast X
U-Pol Liquid Gold
U-Pol Top Stop Gold
U-Pol Dolphin Glaze
U-Pol Aerosols
U-Pol Compounds
U-Pol Barcoat
U-Pol Raptor Bed Liner

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Opening Hours - Monday-Friday 7.30am-5.00pm and Saturdays 8.30am-12.00pm.