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Festool - ETS 150

The ETS 150 is a true all-rounder and offers the user a wide range of options. This enables you to work both on large surfaces and in detail. The ETS covers the entire spectrum of sanding applications from intermediate sanding to finishing. You will achieve an optimum material removal rate and maximum surface quality.

Whether sanding over metal surfaces, body filler areas, or OEM paint the ETS 150 is completely in its element, even in critical areas. The patented Festool Jetstream principle is a key element of the superior performance of the ETS 150 sander. Dust extraction is optimised and the abrasive wears evenly and without clogging. The eccentric sander ETS 150/5 is best suited for intermediate to fine sanding, while the ETS 150/3 is ideal for fine sanding and finish polishing.

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