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PPG - Vibrance Collection

Vibrance Collection

The Vibrance Collection™ from PPG offers the latest in hot colours, unique micas, innovative pigments and special effects to create an unlimited choice of custom finishes for those who want their prized vehicle to stand out from the crowd. Ideally designed to be used with PPG’s best-selling Deltron refinish system, the Vibrance Collection offering includes:

Liquid crystal - Adds a crisp, vivid sparkle effect to the basecoat for a unique, colour-shifting, clear crystal appearance.

Crystal pearl - Dazzling mica pigments designed to create a 3-dimensional, glimmering effects finish. These unique pigments can be intermixed with Deltron DBC basecoat or used as a mid-coat to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Harlequin - Ranging from cyan to purple and from gold to silver, Harlequin’s choice of six colour-shifting pigments can create absolutely wild finishes as the colours change completely when viewed from different angles.

Radiance II - This collection offers a wide choice of tri-coat selections to achieve that deep, brilliant “candy” look. Combining these candy dyes with Crystal Pearl pigments can add even more brilliance.

Prizmatique - “Metal flakes” are available in dozens of colours to create a rainbow of colour options that glitter and sparkle.

Luminescence ii - Available in white and orange pigments, Luminescence II can be mixed with Deltron basecoat to create a dazzling, colour travel effect on basecoat and tri-coat finishes.

Flamboyance - True to its name, Flamboyance offers six custom shades that can be uniquely formulated to produce one-of-a-kind tri-coat effects.

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