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Spray Equipment

Car Colors markets a full range of spray equipment. From compressors, to air lines, spray guns and filters to water traps Car Colors has it covered. If you’re looking at setting up at home or a trade business we can design a system with the right equipment that works for you.

Airbrushing Tools

To complement the larger painting equipment Car Colors also stocks a wide choice of airbrushing tools. For beginners we have introduction compressor and air brush packages, with a wide variety of stencils. Or for the experts a large selection of top quality airbrushes including top brands Paasche and Iwata.

Panelbeating Equipment

For the other side of the workshop Car Colors carries Panelbeating equipment. For both the trade or at home we stock dent pullers, light and heavy porta powers, hammer and dolly sets or individuals, heavy duty panel stands, body files and holders, and of course sanding blocks and boards in a variety of sizes and styles.

Repair, Molds and Fibreglass

Are you wanting to repair, make molds and use fibreglass? Car Colors can help. We stock a top quality POLYESTER resin kits with heavy duty chopstrand and woven matts to suit. Car Colors can also provide fibreglass rollers of various sizes helping you to achieve the best result.

Tools For All Jobs

Car Colors also stocks are wide range of Pneumatic tools for all jobs. Sanders, cut off tools, spot sand blasters, hack saws, hammers, drills, ratchets, impact wrenches and die grinders, to name just a few. If you need it for a job guarantee we will carry it.

Polisher's and Accessories

To finish all jobs you need to buff to perfection. Car Colors can supply you with not only the right polisher for the job but also any pads, accessories and compounds/polish’s required. Car Colors will work with you to help you achieve the best finish for your job big or small.



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